Sunday, November 23, 2014

Be Thankful

If I looked at my life a year ago and saw what was ahead for me in 2014 I would put a caution sign: WARNING!! 

When they say everyday is a gift.. they're not lying. I've lost loved ones this year, been through emotional heartache, terrible accidents, and life struggles.  As this last month of 2014 comes upon us, it should be months of happiness, joy, unity, and peace. Though, this isn't guaranteed. 
In fact, nothing is guaranteed. Just when things seem to be going right, God hits you with another curve ball... see if you can handle this. 
Our struggles can make us or break us. With so many unexpected events, it can be easy to break. Yes, it would be easier to break....
Sometimes the positive things in life are hidden by the negative things. We must remember the positive to get us through the negative. 
I am blessed to have been able to travel to 3 different countries, have an amazing birthday, and began to transform my way of thinking. 
After each positive event this year, ironic enough, something terrible happens. Life is a rollercoaster, I now understand that. 
As I continue to grow as a person, I'm sure my life will be filled with many more happy and sad times. 
I refuse to let the sad have dominance over me. 
Remember that there is a vast world before you.  Don't get trapped in your own. 

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  1. So true, love it! :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    xo, Jane

  3. I really love coming to your blog and seeing all this positivity that you emit. The world needs more people like you. ;)

    Maggie S.

    1. Ah, I just read this comment & it's literally the sweetest comment I've gotten! Thank you so much!

  4. Great post! We all face Hard times but these moments makes us stronger and better persons. Never give up! You're a blessed girl! :) Xoxo