Friday, April 18, 2014

The Truth About Perfection

Do you ever feel like your not good enough? Do you beat yourself up because of the flaws you see in yourself? It's a crazy world we live in. Trying to figure it out (life that is) is the most challenging task of all.. ..we may never figure it out. As we go on in life we meet obstacles that can either make us or break us.
We try to fit in, be apart of the crowd. We want to be loved. Admired. Respected. Treated well. Seen as beautiful. Perfect. Accepted... but what happens when this obsession takes over? Depression hits.
One of the hardest battles you will fight with yourself, is accepting yourself. It's not easy. But nothing worth having comes easy. I learned that a long time ago. Comparison really is the thief of joy. We all want to be the best...there's no denying it. We want to be special, have something that others wish for. We want to be the girl everyone envies..the girl who seems perfect...
The pressure to be perfect.. You sit down to watch your favorite show..happy, relaxed.. Then a Victoria's Secret commercial comes on. Suddenly you feel a rock of sorrow hit you... Why don't I look like her? The checkout line at the store if bombarded with magazines reading "Flat stomach with 3 easy steps", "Get a built booty in just 2 weeks." Again, you feel a emptiness inside you.
It's on youtube, instagram, tumblr, twitter, EVERYWHERE. There's no escaping the pressure to be perfect. Our world has become a place of judgement. We are judged based on our every move-what we eat, wear, look like, talk like,...the list goes on.. Scrolling down your instagram feed, another picture of someone flaunting their body.
Of course we all want to be recognized for our hard work. Whether you are working out hard, eating healthy, trying to start your career, building a house... we want to be acknowledged. What it really comes down to is the desire to be be better than someone else.. so that then, they feel the sorrow..of not having something that you have.
The thing about this time of the year is everyone is trying to get "a bikini body." Workout videos on how to flatten your stomach and tone your butt. I've seen some comments saying 'you get a bikini body by putting on a bikini.' I LOVE that! Why should we feel embarrassed of our body if we don't have a "flat" stomach? Put on your bikini, and feel confident! You were made to be you!! Not to spend countless hours trying to replicate what society made you think is beautiful. If you search, you will find that the people we are basing our vision of "perfection" on workout hours a day with personal trainers, eat strict (sometimes to the point of unhealthy) diets, have hair & makeup people who spend their day trying to make the other person look flawless. And on top of all that-they are photo-shopped. I'm not putting them down, I'm just saying that its not their natural appearance.
Yes, it's important to live a healthy, well rounded lifestyle. That means the majority of what you eat is healthy.. but not restricting what you love. Because in the end, will we really be happy that we are keeping ourselves in a locked chamber? Not allowing ourselves to eat that piece of chocolate...Will working out and eating healthy change you, so that you will be happier with who you are? Maybe it will change how you feel on the outside.. but what's important is the inside.
Wouldn't you rather be someone who has a kind heart, and good intentions, than being completely obsessed about the way you look & the way other people perceive you?
Spending countless hours worrying about whether or not you are worthy...when we are looking at the wrong attributions. People spend tons of money on things that will 'change' them. It's not what will make you happy, remember that. We should be able to feel comfortable in our own skin without looking for acceptance. 
I don't want to look back in 20 years and think.. 'I wish I wouldn't have cared so much'. After all, we are people. Trends change, beliefs change, we begin to realize the real meaning of happiness. So don't fall into the trap of thinking you are unworthy. YOU ARE WORTHY. Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise!

Here are a few videos that also discuss this topic.

   I don't think this is a topic that should be left unheard. Let me know your thoughts & experience on this! What do you do when you find yourself feeling unworthy or comparing yourself to others.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On the RUN

Spring is FINALLY here. I don't know about you, but when it's warm out, I'm always happier! Maybe I should live in the tropics?
I just threw this outfit on to go to the grocery store but my mom said she thought it was really cute, so I thought why not take a few pictures and put it on my blog..
This outfit is comfortable & perfect for those days you just want to be lazy but still look decent. These Nike capris are soo soft. I love wearing them! You can wear tennis shoes, flip flops, or even moccasins with them. As for the Nike shoes, I searched everywhere for them last spring! I had my sight set on those! I checked a few place and they were all sold out.. I ended up finding them at Kohl's for a cheaper price. I think they are so fun & vibrant!
My Adidas tshirt is very motivational and it reminds me to keep going! I also really like the fit. I have another shirt in the same style, except it's a light purple. It was a little chilly out so I put on my purple Victoria's Secret PINK jacket that I've had forever now... (it has holes in it)

Tshirt: Adidas      Capris: Nike (JCPenney)      Shoes: Nike    Jacket: VS Pink 
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