Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unexpected Opportunities

    Being a very determined and motivated person is great! Although when things don't work out the way I want them to...I get discouraged. Being young and feeling "stuck" or "lost" in the world surrounded by people who seem to have the "perfect, desirable" life is not fun. Especially when you live in a small town like I do. I always struggle finding ways to do the things I love. It really brings me down, but I just have to remember that God has his way of making everything fall into place at just the right time!
     For years everyone has said I should model. Of course I would love to model! Wearing top brands, shopping in high fashion boutiques, traveling the world, trying new foods, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, capturing the hidden side of you in the camera lens...the list goes on.. it's everything I love!
    I recently sent my pictures into a modeling contest for Seventeen magazine to win a photoshoot & shopping spree in NYC. If you know me, you know that New York City is MY city.  Haha.. even though I've never been there, I guarantee I would love it! Surprisingly enough, I got a call from the modeling agency hosting the contest. WHAT?! Yes...for soooo many years I've been dreaming of getting the opportunity to do what I love! I never would have guessed that someone would have called, wanting me to come into their office! But they did! I'm not saying I don't have faith in myself, but I wasn't expecting it. I'm so excited to go their office in the spring for an interview... I can see myself now.. living the life I've always wanted!
    I'm one of those people that read inspirational quotes and interviews of successful people who have said "I started off just like you..."  You don't think anything good ever happens to you.. just'll have your time. Trust in yourself, trust in God, and everything will fall into place. I know it's not easy! Just remember to enjoy the ride, because once you get to the destination you'll wonder where time went.  Never give up!!!

                    Shirt: Victoria's Secret      Jacket: Xersion- Jcpenneys      Scarf: Target


  1. That is really good news. I wish you the best concerning your modeling try-out in the spring. If you would visit my blog and let me know afterwards if you want to follow each other I would appreciate it. I look forward to your next post.


  2. God bless you! I hope your interview will went well.