Thursday, May 15, 2014

Travel Preperation

   In  29 days I will be leaving America for the first time.. If you know me, you know that if there's one thing I want to do before I die, it's travel the world. There is something that makes me feel so alive when I travel. Getting put in a setting your not used to and taking in all that's around you is thrilling. It's mind blowing how many beautiful places are out there... you can even find some beautiful people along the way. ;)
   I'm definitely a city girl! There's no doubt about it! I love EVERYTHING about the city- the busyness of it all, the streets, unique architecture of the buildings, the variety of delicious food, and of course the shopping! I could go on but I think I'll stop there for now. Anyway, I'll be going to England, France, and Spain. I will be there 15 days. I've never been on an airplane before, so I'm most nervous about that. It's a 12 hour flight from DC to London. I'm also nervous about that.. How will I wash my face? Who am I going to have to sit beside? How am I going to sleep? I REALLY want a window seat! Of course I want to take a picture of the city lights from the sky at night..
   Here's a few places we are going.


Loire Valley

Saintes& Bordeaux

Arcachon& Biarritz




Beautiful, right? I'm blessed.

Sooo. I figured I might as well write a post to maybe get some advice/recommendations/tips, etc. Anything will help! This is a trip with EF Tours, so things are already planned but I'm hoping (please God) we'll have free time.
If you have ever been to one of these cities let me know about your experience.. or if you have ever taken a trip with EF Tours.

I was hoping to find some sandals like this:
 Women's Sandals - link:

If you know where I could these, or similar, please let me know!

Now for the specific questions:
What type or size carry on should I take?
Do you take any sleeping medications on planes, if so what kind?
What are some shopping/eating that you recommend if I get free time?
Must do/try things?
What should I wear/ be sure to take?
Travel lifesavers?
What do I need to do to use my cell phone & internet?
Tips for relaxing & enjoying myself?!?!

Of course, I have already researched a ton about everything, but I want to hear your opinions & experiences!  I know that England & France can be very chilly & rainy, and Spain is hot.. 
Recommendations on what to wear? In the churches we have to cover our shoulders, and wear pants down to our knees to be respectful.... How many pairs of shorts should I pack then?

I still have so much to get, its crazy..
Maybe I will do update posts for further questions & preparation! 

Your opinions & tips are greatly appreciated! 


  1. So cool to know that you´re going to visit Europe, I want to visit France one day :). My advices:Don´t pack your bags in the last days, this can be so stressful, research on the internet about these countries, culture, weather, etc... (It really helps). It doesn´t matter what religion you are, God is in all places, in our hearts. Don´t forget to pray, ask God to guide you in everything you do. Enjoy and have fun! The best things in life are the little things and take a lot of pictures lol. Can´t wait to see your travel diary. Xoxo

    1. I am praying that my trip is fun & I can just relax and enjoy it! Can't forget those pictures! I will take a ton! I still have so much to get!
      Thanks so much for your advice! <3

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  2. Wow! That's so awesome!
    Don't worry about the flight, load up some movies on your laptop/pad or bring some fun books to read!
    Bring layered style outfits to be flexible with weather change.
    Take tons of pix along your journey, as they are going to be great memories to come!
    xo, Jane

    1. I will definitely take tons of pictures!!
      I need to stock up on movies & music! I would have forgotten about that otherwise!
      Thanks for your advice!

  3. Awww lucky youuu! You will love the experience.
    Take off will be the hardest part for you so learn how to un-block your ears by deep swallowing and stuff.
    Keep distracted-when you overthink how the plane is that heavy yet floating in the sky, it may psych you out, lol.
    i like to go with loads of music and GOOD HEADPHONES as you never know which crying baby may be behind you. Don't drink a lot or else you wil need to pee a lot and peeing on a plane sucks.
    Keep you daily hand luggage to a minimum-a small purse versus a big wallet as losing something abroad sucks 10 times more than at home.
    Don't try too many new foods when you know you'll be out all day-you may need the bathroom a lot!
    Take pictures with cute guys and have fun1! Lol

    1. Hmm.. I need to download some more music & get some good headphones then! I can never get those little earbuds to stay in!
      I will be sure to take pics with cute guys! Haha, glad you brought that up!
      Thanks for your advice! :)

  4. have fun in the US dear! i bet you will have lots of fun <3

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  5. ohh you are so lucky!!
    I bet you will have so much fun on your trip! I wish I was in your place!!
    I haven't been on these trips before so I'm not sure how helpful my tips are, but I would say to bring minimum clothing items since you'll probably do shopping there and you don't want to have to lug all those items back (I always overpack for trips and it comes back to haunt me when I have to come home!) Also comfy shoes are a must stince you will be walking a lot I assume!

  6. you are gonna have loads of fun! I would suggest

    -bring a pair of comfortable sneakers just in case
    -portable phone battery and phone charger, EVERYWHERE
    -bring a fashionable backpack and a purse on the side, itll make things easier for you to carry.
    -don't forget your sunglasses, sunblock, and sunglasses!
    -put your important stuff in your carry on instead of your check in just in case it gets lost!

    There are loads to bring but im sure youll be fine and pick up some cool stuff on the way, enjoy ur trip!

    1. I'm trying to find the Nike Capri Sneakers, but can't find them anywhere!
      I got a very cute crossbody bag from Target, perfect size for everything I'll need!
      I just got sunglasses yesterday!
      Thanks for your advice! :)

  7. Don't forget to bring extra camera batteries!:)

    1. Can't forget those! Thanks for reminding me!

  8. That is so awesome! Great bucket list item - to travel the world. Don't forget to bring COMFY clothes! My rule of thumb for shopping is to shop in the most comfortable clothing possible.... better shopping experience = better clothing selection!

    1. Definitely! I'm trying to make sure all my clothes are comfy- yet stylish, of course ;)

  9. Traveling is so much fun and even with picking our clothes for all the places you will be! I love your sandals!!


    1. Oh, packing& picking out outfits is my favorite part of preparing for trips!

  10. wow!!! beautiful places!!! have fun, enjoy!! :D

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  11. london looks lovely on your blog

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  13. ahh you really don't know how lucky you are! Your living my dream hehe!
    I know your going to have lots of fun there and packing/prepping for the trip is always stressful, but once you get there, set your bags down and just walk around, you'll easily grow to love it all!!

    I've never traveled out of the country, but I will do my best to give you advice that I know!
    -Comfortable shoes is a must!! Don't worry about looking cute with your shoes (I made that mistake once with flats and a 3 mile walk,, lol)
    - hmm For sleeping and jet lag, I heard from others tha tit's best to not sleep on the plane. I think it helps you get used to the change in times better than if you slept on the plane.. so fight off any fatigue on board hehe
    -Bring your phone and possibly charger so you can charge it every opportunity you get!

    1. Thats funny because I always feel like other people are living my dream, haha..
      Finding shoes is the hardest part, I still haven't gotten shoes yet..
      Thanks for the plane tip! I'm going to try to get on their schedule a few days before!
      Definitely not forgetting a portable charger! Whew..:)

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    1. Aw, thank you so much! :)
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  16. Hello dear! thank you for commenting, I will be very happy to help ;)
    As you will most likely spend your days out, I would definitely advice to take a small cross body purse, and some fabric bag that you can easily fold in the small purse and use it if you wanna go shopping, because some shops don’t provide plastic bags in France. Avoid back packs because of pickpockets on the subway, and don’t carry too much money around. Same for your passport, I would advice you to leave it in the safe in your hotel, my sister had problems in Barcelona :p But don’t worry, just be a little careful!
    For medication, I would go to my doctor and ask for the right sleeping tablets, and in the same time compose an emergency list, with aspirin, plasters (in case your feet get hurt in your shoes, happens a lot while visiting cities ;)) etc…
    In Paris, you might want to see the luxury shops around the Place Vendôme and Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, but they are affordable shops in Rue de Rivoli and there are French Brands that are not sold elsewhere.
    You MUST go to a French Brasserie! There are many typical French dishes. There is a lovely one called Bouillon Chartier. You could also visit Alsace and Strasbourg, it’s my hometown and it’s only 2h by train from Paris ;)
    I know by experience that Girl stuff is always good to take with, if you know what I mean ;p For clothes, you will most likely find yourself in need of tops/tee-shirts more than bottoms. When I travel, I always pack a huge scarf, useful as a blanket when it’s cold on the train or plane, and when you want to visit churches: Even if you’re wearing shorts, wrap the scarf around your hips to create a maxi skirt! You can easily go to a public laundry to get your clothes cleaned and dried in Paris, it’s not very expensive ;)
    Lifesavers: Plasters for blisters. Hundreds of them. Mineral water spray, eyedrops especially on the plane the conditioned air can really feel dry.

    For internet, don’t worry: Wifi is free in French and British hotels. Just remember to pack a plug adaptor!
    If you’re worried about forgetting something, you could make a list a few days before packing, writing down everything you’ll need, because you may have some more ideas later ;)

    Hope it helped, have a safe journey! <3

    Love from France <3

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this! I appreciate your help! I'm going on a tour, so I'm not going to be able to get to go everywhere I want this time, but I'm sure I'll be back again! Oh, I'm going to need those sleeping tablets!! ;)

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